Got the image -

Need the picture


Make them curious and lower to there level, then find the right moment to get the shot. A smile, a laugh or just a simple tear. Everything, everyone has there moments!. A baby´s face is full of expressions, and thoughts. So the only thing left for us to document are these priceless photos from their childhood.



Got a felling -

Need the memory


Planing for days, rehearsing for hours, however everything will eventually come down to one single second. With a short breath, you feel the dryness in your mouth and silence that feels like forever. Finally a yes!. For me to get that oppertunity to creating and capturing images of that felling when two become one will allow you to have memories that will last for a lifetime and beyond.

Got a new shape -

Need to spred the word


Find the angel, focus on the shape. It´s the first moment of many that are going to steal the show. Always tender to seek the center, lets make this a time to remember. A memorable photo of the baby still safe and innocent.